Fladry (flagging interspersed on a strand of cordage) is a psychological barrier strung around livestock pastures.

The flagging triggers an innate fear and avoidance in wolves because it is a novel stimulus. By electrifying the fladry, a wolf’s fear response is reinforced with an electric shock.

Electrified fladry can be highly effective at excluding wolves from pastures.  It is relatively easy to install, and takes far less planning and materials than a permanent fence. Fladry is, however, a temporary solution, because wolves often lose their fear of the flags. This tool works great for short duration (roughly 60 days), smaller acreage (less than 250 acres) applications, such as calving pastures. 

Properly installing, electrifying, and maintaining fladry can be challenging. People and Carnivores has developed a set of best practices for tackling these tasks, which is available in our comprehensive Fladry Manual.