A heavy-duty steel bear pole for campground use.

A time-tested way to reduce bear attractants in the backcountry. 

A bear pole is a horizontal log running between two upright trees.  They’ve been used for centuries to store camp food, game meat, and livestock feed.  The idea is to store the attractant at least 10 feet above the ground and at least 4 horizontal feet from a anything a bear could climb. To use a bear pole, throw a rope (you’ll need about 50 feet) over the pole, tie it to what you’re storing, and hoist up the load. Make sure to use a sturdy bag for the load that will not break. 

Ultimately, keeping bears away from attractants keeps people and bears safer.

People and Carnivores’ experts have built more than 200 of these structures throughout western Montana and northwest Wyoming in the past decade. Please contact us if you would like some advice or instructions on building your own.