We work with ranchers and farmers to proactively reduce the risk of carnivore-livestock conflicts and crop damage.

Western agriculture has long shared space with wildlife. In fact, ranches provide a great deal of important habitat to birds, mammals, and other wildlife species. We work collaboratively with ranch and farm owners and managers to maintain productive operations and to allow habitat use by large carnivores such as wolves and grizzly bears.

There are many different tools for reducing the risk of carnivore conflicts on ranches and farms. No one tool is guaranteed to work in all situations, all the time. However, applying tools and practices that have worked in the past in different contexts cuts risk to an acceptable level and often significantly reduces damage or eliminates conflicts altogether.

Each rancher or farmer has a different interpretation of acceptable risk in various aspects of his or her business. Our job is to work with them to get promising ideas on the ground, in the most efficient way possible, and give conflict prevention our collective best effort.

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Tools and practices include: