Large carnivore habitat in the Northern Rockies is filled with potentially lethal obstacles.

Bears, wolves, and cougars naturally roam from their core habitat areas in search of food, security, and mates. But the surrounding landscapes they must pass through are not protected and consist of small cities, towns, and rural communities, where human development is increasing, and where attractants are plentiful.

Attractants bring carnivores into conflict with people or their property. Livestock, garbage, pet food, crops, and other human food sources all attract large carnivores and pose a potential risk to both wildlife and people. Often in response to conflicts, carnivores are killed and people can be hurt or their property damaged.

We use a wide array of tools and practices to remove attractants from the landscape and proactively prevent conflicts from happening so that grizzly bears, wolves, and cougars can move freely and safely between current and potential habitat and other carnivore populations.

Coexistence Tools & Practices

Coexistence is what we’re after; people and large carnivores living near and around one another without incident. As we prevent conflicts, we create coexistence.

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