We envision an American West with healthy land, abundant wildlife, productive agriculture, and vibrant rural communities. Keystone species such as grizzly bears, wolves, cougars, and other native carnivores fulfill their ecological roles where the resources and conditions exist, and where people aspire to live with them.


We are pragmatic idealists who recognize that large carnivores require special landscapes if they are to survive. To meet the challenges of a dynamic world, large carnivore populations will need room to roam and interconnect. Our vocation finds its fullest expression in settings where working landscapes intermesh with wildlands–places where people’s choices will determine whether these animals will thrive.

We follow principles of fairness, inclusivity, and empathy toward people. We value vital communities that constructively engage to solve shared problems and create a culture that respects diversity and difference.

We cooperate with engaged, innovative thinkers and doers from all walks of life to find solutions for living alongside carnivores. Recognizing that genuine conservation is a shared endeavor, we honor the work of people from different backgrounds, occupations, and sectors striving to conserve wildlife and habitat.