Range Riders


Carnivore interactions with ranching operations can be a divisive issue in the west. Range riders provide ranchers with a nonlethal tool for the deterrence of predators and help to alleviate some of the tension that the presence of carnivores can generate. Range riders can be utilized on public land grazing allotments where cattle or sheep herds would otherwise be vulnerable, and they can be used on larger private ranches as well.

Range riders actively manage and herd cattle, utilizing regenerative grazing techniques to simultaneously benefit rangeland health and prevent livestock depredations. By keeping cattle bunched together, the herd is provided safety in numbers and predators are less likely to pose a threat to livestock.

Range riders also quickly find and treat sick animals, which are easy prey for grizzly bears, wolves, and cougars. The information range riders provide to ranchers and agencies can lead to better, more informed decisions with regard to both livestock and wildlife management.

Herding for Coexistence (3:48)